A lot of times we hear the word strategy being used in relation to business. Companies need to think strategically before making major decisions to ensure profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction. Strategy is a superpower that can help position the user for success. This superpower is not reserved solely for corporate use. In personal use, strategic thinking is incredibly important for good decision-making.  Strategic thinking is something that everyone can and should use to better understand and navigate the world around them.

So how do we help our children hone their strategic thinking? There are tons of ways to develop strategic thinking in children, starting at a young age. Many popular learning toys for young children can help develop these skills. Games like Connect Four, Tic Tac Toe, Checkers, and Chess teach children to think through their decisions and anticipate other’s actions. Toys that encourage the child to solve a problem in order to gain a desired outcome also fit into this category. Board games for all ages teach important lessons about strategy and understanding opponents.

As your children get older, get them involved in a sport. Not only will this develop their strategic thinking, it will also teach them other important skills such as teamwork, discipline, and problem-solving skills. Playing on a team shifts the mindset of strategic thinking from singular to plural by showing children that strategy is just as important when working in groups as it is when working alone. Learning these skills in elementary school and middle school will help your child be able to strategically think about his future as he enters high school. 

There are so many benefits to thinking strategically, from planning for future success, to better understanding the world around you. People that are good with strategy have a leg up against competitors in college placement and the job market. Take some time to play a board game with your child or play a game of basketball. Taking little steps to work on strategic thinking will pay off in the future, so start that education now. 

-        Bria