Negative:  a constant drip.  Positive:  a constant source of revenue.  Common theme:  always there. 

    Having a large percentage of military, our student population at Lawton Academy does not have much that is constant.    Our desire to meet the needs of our students is definitely a constant, though. 

    The word “constant” often has a negative connotation in our society.  “Constant talking,” “Constant whining,” “Constant coughing.”  I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say, “You are constantly happy.”  Always happy, sure.  But the word constant seems to be reserved for a perturbed statement.

    When used as a noun, though, constant becomes quite positive.  The constants in my life?  God’s grace and guidance, my families’ love for me and mine for them, satisfaction with my job, my faith.  I’m salaried, so a constant paycheck is definitely a good thing!  I’ve lived in my house for ten years now, and I am constantly re-falling in love with it.

   There are so many constants we Americans take for granted.  Constant running water, twenty-four hour stores that constantly offer us purchasing opportunities, constant entertainment.  It’s only during an interruption in these “constants” (like the hurricanes we’ve been experiencing) that we realize how much we depend upon them in our lives. 

   As I sit on my favorite sofa, with its me-shaped impression made by me constantly sitting in the same place, my mind turns to those who have lost their constants over the last two weeks.  So many people have no constants anymore.  Every meal, night’s lodging, and next bath is subject to change and uncertainty. 

    I know you receive a constant barrage of solicitations for donations at the register this time of year, but I ask you to please reflect on the constants in your life, and consider giving to those who have lost them all.

                                                - Michelle