Power, I believe, is the reason behind the Bible verse, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”  The Golden Rule has often been misquoted as “Them who have the gold…rule!”  But rather than be a gag line for comedians, it does appear that money is the enabler for power-hungry despots.  It seems that one must be rich or have a rich backer to even consider running for the highest offices in our country.  And since the salaries and perks of government offices are often less than most executive level positions in the business world, it appears power may be the sought after “gold ring.”

                As a child, I noted the bullies in the TV shows were usually quite weak when separated from their gang members.  I always felt vindication and relief as I saw them suffer for the terror they inflicted upon others.  Unlike movies today, it was always the good guys who won and overcame the evil.  In fact, I can remember being upset when I viewed the first movie which caused me to see things through the eyes of the evil character…and even feel sorry for him.  It shook my foundations!

                Today, I see a plethora of power struggles all around me.  Our nation is divided in so many areas.  Yet, most all of these struggles boil down to good versus evil concepts.  Students in schools have been given amazing power which is often used to negate the goal of education itself.  Laws have been passed which have removed power from the educators who are desperately trying to teach.  The sad state it has brought about is a teacher shortage because not many people are willing to step into that arena. 

                I just received an e-mail from a friend who attached the address made to Congress by the father of a student who was killed in the Columbine School shooting.  Of course, there’s controversy over when this address was given, but if you read it, there’s much truth in it.  His name is Darrell Scott, if you’d like to read the accounts.  Basically, he states what I believe…prayer is powerful and it cannot be removed from our schools.  As long as I have breath and a brain, I can whisper a prayer to God and be heard.  No law, government, or individual can prevent that communication with God.  But the problem seems to be that many have given up prayer in their own lives.  Thus, they become powerless.

                “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” is the verse that helped me overcome the terrors in my life.  When I am working with students who have been abused, I can relate to them my story and how God gave me the power to succeed in all things.  God has never failed me.  So, I don’t sit around worrying about the daily power struggles of life.  Instead, I pray for my family, my students and teachers, our nation and those who would protect our freedoms.  There is POWER in prayer and I think most people realize that.  Why else do they ask for prayer immediately after they have been through a terrible tragedy?    

                                                                                       - Kay