Hey there! I’m Bria, a recent college graduate, dog enthusiast, and lover of all things charitable.  When we initially discussed my contributions to this blog, I thought, “What could I possibly write about that people would want to read?” Well, I’m not sure if I have found the answer yet, but that is part of starting this crazy, fun adventure.

I have spent the last three years at DePaul University completing my undergraduate degree in public relations. Next year I will be continuing with DePaul to pursue higher education. I have extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, and I spent 10 months as the Executive Director of a local startup company.

I’ve recently been thrust into adulthood with very little preparation. My life completely changed three months ago when I adopted a German Shepherd/Rottweiler puppy. People laugh when I call her my baby, but she really is a huge responsibility. I now spend my evenings taking her on long walks/runs and sewing and re-sewing holes in my couch cushions. I also recently got my first “big girl job,” working with a prominent Chicago nonprofit. All this, combined with my upcoming graduate classes keeps me very busy.  I live a full, yet fulfilling life and I am happy to begin sharing it with you. Thanks for reading. See you soon!