Welcome to 2019 - the year of spontaneity. A motivational speaker I admire once told an audience that he names each of his years by what he hopes to accomplish in that year. For example, he had past years that were focus years, health years, career years, etc.

For me, I want this year to be a year in which I accomplish a lot. I started off the year by making a vision board that included inspirational quotes about health and wellness, self-love/self-care, working hard, etc. I knew this year was going to be life-changing, but I had no idea what would be in store.

We are six days into 2019, and my life is about to completely change. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose all of the gritty details just yet, but 2019 is going to bring total change to my personal and professional life. When making that vision board, I had no idea how fast things would move. The center theme of all of this change was spontaneity. I was offered something that was definitely a crazy offer on paper. It is completely life-changing and exciting. It is also something I never thought I would be doing. If you told me, even six months ago that in this year I would be making this change, I would not have believed it.

That’s the beauty of spontaneity. I could have easily turned this down and written this off as a crazy idea that would bring about too much change. I could have been too afraid of the potential risk associated. What have you been afraid to do or try? It doesn’t have to be some uprooting, life-changing move; it can be a small risk that improves your life and broadens your horizons.

I dare you (that’s right, we are taking it back to elementary school - I double-dare you) to take a risk that might improve your life this year. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This year is your year. You are going to do great things this year; be spontaneous and open to opportunities. You’ll never reach your full potential when you are hiding in your comfort zone. What spontaneous thing will you do this year?

-        Bria