Stopping is a very appropriate word for me today.  I have been suffering with a case of food poisoning or the flu.  My body chose to react to the culprit by having my husband stop our car at least four times during our four-hour trip to allow me to regurgitate along the side of the highway.  Never in my life have I been so sick!  The illness continued when I arrived home and reached my bathroom.

            I spent an hour just cleaning the room, rugs, etc.  Not a pleasant subject, but it made me stop to think about the students I have had to clean up after their accidents.  It is easy to ask why they didn’t make it to the bathroom, but as I found out, it is not always possible.

            So today, I have stopped to thank God for the following things which I am guilty of taking for granted.  Bless all the nurses who dedicate themselves to helping the sick, including cleaning up after them.  I thank God for running water, toilets, and bathtubs which let us wash away the unthinkable.  I imagined a mother in a third world country who had to walk far distances to get water to clean.  We are so fortunate in our great country. 

            My trip started with us being stopped for almost 45 minutes while a wreck was being handled on the turnpike.  I was overwhelmed with sadness when we saw one vehicle was completely burned beyond recognition.  The medical examiner’s car and a hearse were called  to the scene to try to gain identification of the burned victim. 

            All the drivers on the road were agitated at the delay caused by the accident.  However, almost everyone became somber when we realized that a life had just stopped.  Once again, it causes one to realize that each day of life is a gift which we should use wisely.  Yes, I’ve been stopped this weekend.

I shall be more understanding when called upon to clean up the many messes children can bring to a school campus.  I will live each day with a new attitude of thankfulness for the luxuries we take for granted…running water and indoor plumbing!  

-       Kay