It feels incredibly appropriate to me that, in light of recent events regarding the Supreme Court, we are discussing intelligence today. Where it feels like our country is lacking in many areas of intelligence, it is still a constant topic of top importance in the news. Whether it’s emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, or Russian intelligence, our media is talking about it constantly. So that brings me to the question: why is intelligence so top-of-mind in America?

Intelligence is incredibly important because it is a driver for personal success. It’s the most important commodity because intelligence allows us to acquire other resources, such as money and power. Some people are born with intelligence, where others have to seek out and acquire intelligence. However it comes about, intelligence is basically currency in our modern society. We spend a significant portion of our lives obtaining intelligence so that we can then apply that intelligence in a way that will drive forth our careers and futures. Throughout our careers we acquire more intelligence that allows us to continuously climb the ladder and obtain more money and power.

Unfortunately, as we have noticed with recent developments in our government, those that lack intelligence compensate with money and power. While intelligence can help you obtain money and power, you don’t need intelligence to obtain power in our world. This can make certain people very dangerous. The only way to combat these people is through intelligence. We have to constantly seek intelligence and educate ourselves to create a defense against these people in power.  Through education we can resist those in power who act without intelligence and work to create a country and a climate in which we want to live. Use your intelligence to get involved in our political process and make your voice heard. Educate yourself on the issues and understand the platforms of those running to represent you. This is the most important lesson we can learn: education is power and it’s accessible, so access it and keep accessing it to build your intelligence and make a difference in the world.

-        Bria