The topic of laying foundations is very interesting to me because I am in a unique position in my place of work to lay the foundation for something big. If you don’t already know, I work at a co-working space for physical product innovation and manufacturing. This space features 2.5 million dollars-worth of equipment, including laser cutters, 3D printers, SMT lines, woodworking tools, and more. While we have the space and we have the equipment, we are only three months old, and we are still laying the foundation for what this organization will be moving forward. I am a part of a small team that is building and shaping the foundation off which we will base everything we do.

This is both an intimidating and exciting position in which to be. On the one hand, being a large organization with a small staff means that each decision is more influential than you know. One mistake can cause major problems down the line for our predecessors. On the other hand, we are empowered to make a lot of the important decisions individually, rather than as a team. Everything we are doing right now is a foundation that we are creating and upon which we will grow.

There are a lot of times in our lives where we are laying foundations for what’s to come. Our entire education system is in place to lay a foundation of skills and information that will eventually prepare us for our work. If you have worked hard and laid a strong foundation throughout your schooling, it is easier to build a career on top of it. A shaky foundation or a foundation with some holes in it will not support a successful career without some problems.

This can also be applied in terms of personal values and ethics. Throughout our time growing up in our parent’s home, the foundations of our moral compass are laid and developed. This will come partially from us, but typically it is primarily from our parents. Laying a strong ethical foundation at a young age can keep you out of trouble as you grow up.

The foundation is an essential part of any structure. The key to foundations is that they are laid first. Building and developing strong foundations at a young age will help you succeed in creating a strong structure with your life. You can’t go back and redo your foundation after the building has started; anything after that is just repair work.

-          Bria