Hey, you look nice today. I think you are doing a great job, and I can really tell you are working hard. Way to go!

Acknowledgement. It feels nice, doesn't it? Whether it's your teacher telling you they were blown away with your term paper, or your significant other pointing out that you are having an exceptionally good hair day today, it's nice to be recognized.

Acknowledgement can come from a variety of sources, but we all have those people whose acknowledgement means the most to us.

When was the last time you acknowledged someone else? Either a family member, friend, significant other or even a peer? How often do we think about the importance of building others up? I love being acknowledged by those close to me, but sometimes a customer or a fellow employee acknowledging me will put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

We all know that it feels good to get recognized for doing a good job. Why don't we remember that we should make others feel good as well?

Self-esteem is an issue that can affect all areas of your life. It is so important to instill good self-esteem in our children and youth. Teaching them to value themselves and their own worth at a young age will set them up to value their self-worth as adults.

An adult with low self-esteem is dangerous because that person is more likely to let others push him around. These people will not recognize that they deserve better, and they will put up with less than ideal circumstances because they were not taught to believe that they deserve better. Adults with a healthy amount of self-esteem are ambitious and fight for what they deserve. These people see more success because they were taught that they could be successful and that their dreams were achievable.

It is our responsibility as adults to make sure children grow up with good self-esteem. We shouldn't give them undeserved praise because that's how you create a monster. However, a healthy amount of acknowledgement and praise can teach a child that it feels good to be successful.

Remember: if we as adults feel the need for acknowledgement from others, kids are feeling that need ten times as much. Establishing a relationship as a supporter of your child both financially and emotionally will create a positive example for him to pass on to his children.

Sometimes kids do stupid things. They will mess up and they will make choices that you don't approve of. But they will also do things that astound you. When you children are doing something positive, reward them with acknowledgment. It might not immediately make a difference in their lives, but the long-term effects will be positive.

Good work champ, I'm proud of you.

-          Bria