As I write this, I am once again sitting at stroke camp- a rehabilitative camp for stroke survivors and their caregivers. Unlike last weekend, we have no water and limited power due to a bad storm on Friday night. We are packing up this morning, and once again I am struck by the positivity and resilience of these stroke survivors. Throughout the weekend I have had the opportunity to hear the stories of many survivors' stroke experiences. One common theme is the change in personality pre- and post- stroke. Many reference the amount of personal growth that has come with this traumatic experience. We were able to discuss how hard times bring about incredible amounts of personal growth.

Growth can come from much less drastic situations as well. Throughout childhood we celebrate physical growth and change. As we grow older, growth comes in a more emotional way. Any way that it comes, growth is important and influential in our lives.

By going to stroke camp and learning about challenges that affect others in different circumstances, I have experienced a lot of growth and widening of my own understanding. This has been very beneficial to me because it makes me aware of challenges and issues that I would not have ever thought about.

One valuable lesson that I hope to carry on from my experience is to take it one day at a time. These survivors are patient and they have learned that each day is a blessing, and worrying about the future isn't worth the stress. Internalizing this lesson would be a great opportunity for continued growth for myself. It is a lesson that many of us could learn from. Keep seeking growth and learning opportunities. None of us is perfect; there's always room for improvement.

-       Bria