Scheduling is easier to do than it is to actually carry it out.  Most people fall victim to over-scheduling themselves.  I am no exception!  My problem is that I am a person of my word.  That means if I say I will do something, I WILL do it!  As I explained in a previous blog about commitment, I may kill myself trying to fulfill a promise, but I committed to it, and I will DO it!

            I am trying to juggle classes at school this year.  We have gone to departmentalization in grades one through five.  That may seem easy; however, try to visualize moving five grades of students in the hall at the same time, from classroom to classroom on a weekly schedule where each day is a rotation of classes with a different teacher.  Needless to say, it requires our undivided attention…much like herding cattle!  We’re in the ninth week of this rotating ritual, and I do see some light at the end of the tunnel.  It does require consistency!

            Our biggest hurdle is to overcome the students’ habit of tuning adults out.  When told to move or do something, children usually say, “Okay…in a minute…”  When parents get busy or forget to check on the progress since the request was made, the children continue with their chosen activities and no action is taken.  Thus, we must change that usual reaction of children to one of prompt attention.  If we fail to be consistent, we will be in the same situation as parents often find themselves.

            I must admit that it would be easier to forget trying to schedule classes or activities, but I feel the children will suffer in the long run.  Learning to be on time and in the right place are skills that will make these students of today better citizens of tomorrow.           

-           Kay