This week saw the conclusion of a rollercoaster of an election period. The decision left the country divided and many people feeling frightful for their country’s future. All of the backlash from the outcome of this race distracted the nation from another important day this week. While opinions are out about most things in the political sphere, the majority of people come together in the support of our veterans.

Last Friday was Veteran’s day. This was celebrated and recognized in different ways. Back home, it meant a day off school/work for my family. For me, it meant after work I got to go shopping and get discounts with my military ID. Some places hosted events, ceremonies and parades, but this Veteran’s Day seemed to go somewhat unnoticed this year.

Last year on Veteran’s Day, I joined my volunteer group at a courthouse in the suburbs to serve breakfast to veterans and collect war stories and memories for an NPR piece. In previous years I have attended ceremonies and parades celebrating our nation’s veterans. This year was just another day. Even the typical outpouring of love and support in the form of Facebook posts was much leaner this year.

I say all of this not to say that we as a country have forgotten our heroes, but to say that we have focused on so much about what is tearing us apart that we have forgotten what brings us together. This week we elected a President that wants to “make America great again,” but we can’t forget to recognize the men and women that have made sacrifices that have already made this country great. As we move forward as a divided nation, we must remember those who have fought for our right to be a nation. Rather than being upset about our government, be happy that we live in a free nation, that has a lot of problems, but has brave men and women defending our right to have these problems.

-        Bria