Little blessings are often overlooked.  However, when I began thinking about this subject, I soon noticed a smile taking over my face, and a warm fuzzy feeling filling my heart.  I guess I do take these small blessings for granted.  So, I will just share with you some of these heart-warming blessings which make my life more enjoyable.

            Our preschool and kindergarten students are such a blessing!  Oh yes, they can be the source of confusion many times, but generally, they are a source of pure pleasure.  I think the source of these small blessings is that although extremely innocent, these children speak with authority and boldness.  My husband says it makes his day to speak with these little citizens.  They refer to him as Mr. Sillyhead because he torments them with things like: “Hey…did you know you have garments on your back?”  It gives him great pleasure to argue with them about the validity of that statement. 

            I enjoy their long explanations about why the world is the way it is.  I often banter with them about their age, especially when they have a birthday.  When I ask them if they are turning 25 on their birthday, they say,  “No.  That would be silly.  I would be old.”  If I ask how they know that, they counter with assertions like, “Then I would have a beard!”

            Of course, they find it hard to comprehend that I am seventy-four years old.  I get asked the following questions, “Did they have dinosaurs when you were born?”  Or, “Did they have television when you came here with the Pilgrims?”  How could I possibly have a hard day after fielding such questions from such well-meaning children?!

            Perhaps the neatest of the little blessings I have enjoyed over these many years of teaching is the little note of thanks I often receive from a parent.  It’s nice to know your work is appreciated.  I really count as blessings the note of thanks I often receive “out of the blue” from a former student.  It means a lot to hear of their success in the world and to know I was a part of that process.

            The countless hugs I receive everyday are also little blessings that do this heart good!  Now, I am aware of what I have written in this blog, and I am moved to concentrate on being a “little blessing” to others more often each day.  As Jesus said, “Love others as you love yourself!”  Perhaps such a daily mission is what our world needs in these troubled times.  Politics have become so negative these days.  Maybe we should send preschoolers and kindergartners to Washington D.C. to teach our leaders how to really simplify and enjoy life!  I find I even long for the reruns of the old Art Linkletter show, “Kids say the Darnedest Things!” to make a comeback to TV.        

-        Kay