Stopping. Right now, I can't even think about stopping. Everyone knows that coming back to work after a vacation can be overwhelming, but coming back to work after the New Year can really make you busy. Aside from the catching up you need to do with emails and busy work, there is an added pressure of entering a new financial year. With this comes budgeting, fundraising/selling, etc. In my industry, there was a dry spell for events during December and now January is back in full speed. It's exciting because I'm bringing in revenue and scheduling a lot of exciting events, but at the same time, I'm looking at my calendar, thinking I have no time. 

Someone asked me what my resolution was this year. I told them that I want to plan ahead so I have enough time to make good choices. That sounds kind of confusing, but what I know about myself is that I am so busy that I don't have time to make the best choices for myself. During my busy seasons, if I neglect to plan ahead, I am always running late and always ordering food because I didn't meal prep. I am making a conscience effort to use the time that I have before I go to bed or on my day off to make my meals for the week, pick out my clothes and get my calendar together. When I successfully do this pre-planning, I am able to focus on the important things happening in my life, eat healthy and dress well.

Getting organized and planning ahead are incredibly important and necessary goals when you have a life in which the work never stops. Identify things in your life that can contribute to your success when you go through periods of your life in which you have no time. What I know about myself is that when I’m busy, if I have to stop and think about what to eat/wear/spend money/etc., I’m always going to make the easiest decision, which is almost never the best decision. If I don’t meal prep, I will get busy and get fast food, and I know this about myself, so I am able to work on it. When you have a life that doesn’t stop, you have to be on top of it. Identifying ways to set yourself up for a good day will help maintain your energy and willpower when you don’t have time to stop.

-       Bria