“Why so serious?”

The famous word uttered by the psychotic clown mastermind, The Joker, in many iterations of the classic Batman story. In many different versions of the story, The Joker recounts stories of how he got his scar that forces him into a constant smile. In some variations it’s from his abusive father; in others he does it to himself to comfort his wife after her face is mangled by mobsters. But in every story, there is the common irony of a permanent smile scarred onto the face of a deranged and depressed man.

The Joker is terrible, yet relatable in a sad way. The Joker lives in Gotham, a dark, corrupt town with a huge divide between the rich and poor. If you have been keeping up with the news this year, America is starting to feel more and more like Gotham, becoming increasingly corrupt, starting at the top with our current government.

With continuous allegations of sexual assault and harassment, increasingly tense international relationships, and a toxic government, the American people are having to become more and more serious during a time that should be merry and bright.

It’s hard to remain positive amongst a news cycle that is no less than brutal this year. The only way to cope is to remember the good things that are happening in the world. Look up some cute dog videos, remember that Betty White is still alive and watch a Christmas Story on repeat. These problems in our world aren’t going away, but do yourself a favor and take a break from all of the negative. I wish you a holiday season of fun and joy with your family. Turn off your news notifications to your phone, don’t check social media and take a break from the serious to enjoy the season.