Overcompensation is something that in practice can seem obnoxious or over the top, but also is very sad because overcompensation stems from feelings of inferiority. Generally, people who overcompensate are not my favorite people; they can come off as self-absorbed and egotistical. This behavior is dangerous because, not only does it serve to cover up insecurity, but it is also generally driven by the desire to be more powerful or better than others.

    The problem with overcompensation it that it can affect one’s psyche. Overcompensation acts as a defense mechanism. It keeps people from dealing with their issues. It’s basically a wall that people put up when they don’t want to face their own insecurities and shortcomings. While these people might seem confident and even egotistical on the outside, they are struggling, consciously or subconsciously, on the inside.

    It’s easy to get frustrated with people in our life who overcompensate. The coworker or fellow student who is always bragging about his accomplishments and putting others down to make himself feel good is definitely our least favorite colleague. Generally, we write these people off and avoid them if possible. This is not the correct reaction. It is not easy to show compassion to people who overcompensate, but it is these people that need our kindness and words of affirmation the most. They feel the need to brag about themselves and overcompensate because they aren’t receiving positive feedback from others in their lives.

    It isn’t easy to actively show kindness to these people in our lives, but by spreading positivity and good thoughts, less of these people will feel the need to overcompensate in the first place. Compliment others; be kind and caring. These people seem annoying, but they are really just hurting. Make an effort to be the bigger person and remember that in your daily lives.

-          Bria