As of 3:00 p.m., Bria is now an alumna of DePaul University! Having practiced the routine last year for her undergraduate degree, we came well-prepared this year.  While others wait in 91-degree heat to leave a parking lot of a thousand cars while a thousand more try to enter for the next graduation, we are relaxing in our hotel room.  In honor of commencement speeches, here's a few thoughts from each of us:

     What looks like a finish is really a beginning, as all these graduates begin searching for work!      - Kay

     I'm losing a huge time-commitment, but I'm filling it as fast as I can with work!  IAM thankful to have a job, though.   - Bria

     "It's just you and me in the house now, JT."  sniff, sniff   - Michelle

    As I am fond of saying, there is no Land of Done.  Bria is not finishing... just transitioning. We wish you and yours a wonderful week, and we will write separately next week when we're not in Chicago.